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WElcome to the doyle academy 


The Doyle Academy of Irish Dance is one of New Zealands premier Irish Dance schools.  Based in East Auckland the Academy is run by sisters Leeann and Paula Doyle.  

The Academy have dance classes for all ages and levels in their purpose built studio in East Tamaki.

Leeann and Paula are qualified teachers, registered with Traditional Irish Dancing Association of New Zealand and An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (International Irish Dancing Commission).

Since starting competitions the Doyle Academy has had many successes at regional, national and international competitions. To date, the Academy has won 47 New Zealand solo titles, 102 World Qualifying places, 22 New Zealand Team titles, 6 solo scholarship awards and 4 World Championship recall medals.

We appreciate the high standard and commitment of the teachers at the Doyle Academy and the effort they put into individualising the teaching program to cater for each student and their particular needs and abilities. There is a wonderful culture at the Doyle Academy where successful older students encourage and mentor younger dancers.

Natalie Hanna

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