The Celtic Supporters of The Doyle Academy of Irish Dance Incorporated

Incorporated Society since 2005 Charitable Trust Status since 2009

All members of the Doyle Academy participate in fund-raising to help pupils attend competitions both here in New Zealand and internationally, to encourage technical development and raise awareness of Irish Culture.

C.E.S.D.A.I.D.I. is a non-profit charitable society formed in 2005 to support fund-raising events and ensure the aims and objectives of the society are adhered to.

Our charitable status is held with the NZ Charities Commission and our details, along with our rules can be found here:

The Executive Committee of C.E.S.D.A.I.D.I. meets monthly to co-ordinate fund-raising events and develops ideas to expose the wonderful art form of Irish Dancing here in New Zealand. The committee is made up of 7 parents and the principles of the Doyle Academy.

Every year the committee works towards helping pupils attend major competitions in Australia, America and the UK and the majority of the students attend the New Zealand Championships.  They also assist with gaining exposure for Irish Dance through performances by the Academy dancers.

Regular fund-raising events include garage sales, sausage sizzles and dance performances. C.E.S.D.A.I.D.I. also produces the  bi-annually the Christmas Show.

We would like to extend our thanks to those who have helped support the development of Irish Dance and Culture through C.E.S.D.A.I.D.I. since 2005.