Frequently asked questions

What’s the best age to start Irish Dancing?

Each child is different and it is up to the parents if they feel a child is ready.  Bringing your child along to a class prior to enrolling is a great way for both of you to see what is involved. We have options for each age level starting Irish dancing from preschoolers to adults.

As an adult what can I expect to learn in Irish Dancing?

Our adult classes have a focus on fun and fitness while learning the same syllabus as our children’s classes but at a pace that is challenging and relative to young adults and adults.  This class is suitable for older children (about 10-12 years) to join also - we have a number of young teens and adults in this class.

What should dancers wear to classes?

Dancers are encouraged to wear bare feet, sneakers or ballet/jazz pumps to learn Irish dancing.  Dancers should wear shorts/leggings so that correct technique can be addressed and also so they can easily move their legs.

Can parents/caregivers watch the classes?

For the first term of your dancer’s enrolment with the Academy parents are allowed to watch.  After the first term we ask that parents to  utilise our studio foyer during your child’s class time.  

How long are the classes for beginners and what can we expect?

Our preschool beginners class is 30 minutes long that includes activities that teach right and left, games to learn technique and exercises which progress onto the school beginner’s classes.

Our beginners classes for dancers 5 years and older is 45 minutes which progresses through exercises and techniques whilst learning their first steps towards a single reel.  

Our adult beginners classes are 1 hour long and these classes are usually mixed level classes with both solo and ceili syllabus taught.

How much are beginner’s classes?

During the first term beginners in all levels can pay per lesson as this allows the dancer to decide if Irish dancing is for them.  Prices per class $10 preschool, $12 beginners & $13 adult classes.

When does my child need the Academy uniform and Irish dancing shoes?

Dancers who have been dancing with the academy for 2 terms will be expected to purchase (second hand or new) the uniform.  After the first term Irish dancing shoes should be brought.  We do not require the adults to purchase the uniform but suitable attire should always be worn to address correct technique.

When can my child/dancer compete?

Dancers are encouraged to complete a year of classes before deciding to pursue competitive Irish Dancing.  This is also at discretion of the principals of the Academy.  The Academy holds at least two in class competitions for dancers to gain confidence on stage along with our bi annual end of year show and have goals with their dancing through out the year.