In 1998 Leeann and Paula set up the Academy in South Auckland due to the popularity of Irish Dance shows "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance".  Classes began in Alfriston with a small group of dancers.  Between 1998 and 2000 Leeann and Paula took a short break to travel to perform with the Irish Rovers in "The Spirit of Ireland" tour with World Champion dancers. On returning they continued to develop and expand their classes in South Auckland.  Leeann recieved her teaching dipolma (TCRG) at the end of 2001 and the Academy began its first year of competing in Auckland in 2002.  Paula joined full time in 2002 after retiring from her competitive  dancing career.   Paula set up classes in St Heliers in 2003.  

In August 2012 Leeann and Paula set up the studio in East Tamaki as their Academy base.  This allowed their dancers to have a facility suitable for classes with mirrors and sprung floors.  Dancers travel from all over Auckland to attend the Academy classes.




Our goal is to be able to offer each dancer that comes into our Academy exactly what they want out of Irish Dancing.  Whether that is just to be a great technical dancer, achieve success in competitions, be able to perform in front of an auidence, learn something new, meet new friends, connect with their hertiage, enjoy the fun and develop fitness.  

Each class is split into levels starting at beginner and working through to Championship.  We have a strong basic's structure within each class and continue to drill those right through the levels.  Each individual dancers' strengths and weaknesses are constantly addressed with personalised drills & exercises to make them into the best dancer they can be.  

AS A PARENT we work closely with you to understand the basic's (to help at home) and are always available to discuss your dancers progress.